Katek 3kg Organic Blood & Bone Plus Fertilizer Pellets


The 3kg bucket of Blood & Bone Plus Organic Fertilizer Pellets is a great all-round fertiliser combining the power of blood and bone with nutrient-rich poultry manure into one easy to use pellet!
For healthier, stronger plants. Rejuvenates soil and encourages healthy microbes and earthworms! Slowly releases nutrients as your plants need them!
High in Nitrogen and Phosphorous for plant establishment as well as loads of Potassium for great fruit and flower development. For use on all plants, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, palms, shrubs and lawns!
Australian Organic Registered Garden Product.




Nitrogen (N) = 5.1%
Phosphorus (P) = 4.1%
Potassium (K) = 1.5%
Sulphur (S) = 0.5%
Calcium (Ca) = 8.0%
Magnesium (Mg) = 0.4%
Iron (Fe) = 0.1%
Manganese (Mn) = 0.03%
Copper (Cu) = 0.006%
Zinc (Zn) = 0.03%
Boron (B) = 0.003%

*Contains Blood & Bone.  Restricted instances for use as fertiliser on areas where ruminants or herbivore livestock are to be grazed.

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Weight 3.1 kg


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